The Happpy Mind Project

A happy mind is a positive, resourceful mind.

We come together here, building a free community of connection & collaboration. Starting with the ground work through learning the basics of meditation. A space that supports collectively the rise of greater awareness, appreciation, gratitude and to find lightness through laughter and techniques to increase positive wellbeing.

Now in case you’re wondering, is a happy mind really important with what is happening with Covid-19? We say yes, it is crucial, as a happy mind will assist in developing strong immunity (as stress, worry, panic and anxiety are scientifically shown to down-regulate your immune system), so we need to give our mind all the tools possible to remain strong, positive, creative and resourceful to collectively pull through this. And for that, a happy mind is pretty important.

This is a gift and invitation to find stability and happiness within.

All the teachers and collaboration partners are doing this to give back. We know how hard times are right now, so we are doing what we feel we are here to do – teach vital services to make life a little easier for us all.

All from the heart.

Step 1: Learn Meditation with us via a recorded introductory video. Then jump on to our group meditations with live teacher with ability for all your questions to be answered and join our FB group for ongoing support.
Step 2: Join all our other live practical sessions, breathwork or group meditations (Anyone regardless of learning meditation or not can join).
Step 3: Join on our “Conscious Couch” where we bring live to you specialists, uplifting stories, good vibes in other areas of support, from musicians, psychologists to mentors and more.
Step 4: Uplift your happiness, immune system and wellbeing so you can share more love and joy in this much needed time!
Meditation Benefits

Science has come a long way in the study of meditation and here are a few of the benefits you can expect from this timeless practice.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Reduce Stress
& Anxiety

Immune Health


Stay Centred

Stay Centred

Creativity & Consciousness

Creativity &

Don't do this... (not right now anyway)

Don’t do this…
(not right now

happiness & wellbeing

happiness &

Meditation Myths

You have to sit cross-legged
Nope, you just have to sit comfortably anywhere (if you want to sit cross legged you can), the emphasis is on comfort.
Meditation is hard
Sure if you’re trying to force your mind to stop thinking its going to be super hard. But there are different techniques and some of those require focus and concentration. The technique you will learn is a mindfulness based practice which is easy and effortless
My mind is to busy to meditate
Welcome to the club. Science tells us we have 60-80,000 thoughts a day so we all experience a busy mind. Meditation is not about quieting the mind it is about a physiological state of rest we enter that gives us the benefit of meditation
Meditation is esoteric or alternative
The scientific benefits of this practice have seen meditation enter the mainstream. From reducing the negative impacts of stress and anxiety which are toxic to the nervous system to improving brain function. Better brain functions and reducing stress is good!

Free Weekly Live Zoom

Meditation Sessions and More

(Live Intro Session to Méditation includes: Brief intro to why meditation, the science and how it works, how to meditate overview, basic breathwork technique & 15 minute meditation followed by Q&A (1 hour).

Then a follow up session a few days later which includes a group meditation, further information and all your questions answered.

How to register for one of our sessions:

To book a spot select the day that works for you, click on the day, it will take you to a zoom registration page, fill in your details and you will be ready to jump on in and learn an effortless form of meditation. After registering you will receive an email with a link to the meeting.

Breathwork Sessions

If you wish to attend any of the following sessions just click on the day you want to attend and it will take you to a zoom registration page. After registering you will receive an email with a link to the meeting.


Our nervous system gets smashed with stress. Throw in what is happening at the moment and a lot of us are feeling very overwhelmed and experiencing heightened stress, worry, panic and anxiety, which is totally natural.

The bodies response to those experiences triggers the fight or flight (stress response). This state is good for when we need to fight or flight, but when this happens we get flooded with stress hormones, cortisol and Adrenalin. And the real issue with this is it down-regulates our immune system (and a host of other potential issues). This is why stress is the leading cause of disease on the planet.

This is also why meditation is super important. Meditation has been shown to reduce the stress response, so we remain calm, composed with increased adaptability. Meditation has also been shown to increase access to creativity and resourcefulness, which are pretty important to help us navigate these times.

But perhaps the most important thing meditation gives us right now is a stronger immune system. Why? Meditators are less likely to trigger the stress response, so we stay healthier, grounded, positive, present and compassionate.

Your Meditation Teachers:



    Mostly floating at top of the deep water but must be venturing downwards away from the “chatter” enough during each session because I feel a tangible difference in my contentment. Very calming feeling. Haven’t felt this un-anxious since I cant remember.”

    Pete Armistead
  • Knows what has worked

    “Rich was welcoming, patient, open & honest in his approach & to me shone authenticity. He been round the block & knows what has worked in his life & many others he has taught. “

    Nathan Hedge

    “The whole course is delivered in such a no-nonsense, tangible way that I felt was important. Just made it so relevant to what’s going on today. Plus they made it fun and positive and the technique I have no doubt will be a very beneficial tool.”

    Ben Green
    Stock Broker
  • Lost without the practice

    ““I’m dealing with some very heavy life issues, which cause undue stress, but Carly’s gentle nature and relatable techniques make it easy to learn to meditate and continue. I’d be lost without her and the practice”

    Jess Bialek
  • Grateful for the practice

    “My anxiety began to get the better of me and I knew something had to give. I decided to invest in my mental health with Carly’s knowledge and beautifully comforting energy she helped me craft a meditation practice I can commit to. 

    I am so grateful for the practice and for your support Carly. I feel the benefits of the practice daily, I am calmer, more deliberate and have a much deeper sense of awareness of myself, everything and everyone around me.

    Friends have even been commenting on the positive change! Can’t thank you enough!.

    Suzanne Lambert
  • Blessed with a great tool

    “Just want to give a huge thanks for the last week and for the knowledge that you’ve shared with me, such a great teaching and I honestly feel like I’ve been blessed with a great tool to help me through life.”

    Ben Bartram
  • A wonderful teacher

    “Such a wonderful teacher who can guide you through yoga and meditation at your own pace and at your comfort level. I love it”

    Eileen Campbell
  • Friendly and welcoming

    “Rich was very friendly and welcoming. It seems like he has a lot more knowledge about related areas (psych etc) which I am interested in and studied a (long) while back. I liked the scientific approach he gave, and discussed the evidence for meditation. Also, I liked the fact he is a ‘normal’ bloke teaching the technique, rather than some people you may expect, who are trying to portray an image of a what a meditation teacher might be (bangles, mystic, aloof, worthy)”

    Alex Ramsay

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