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Musician Kai Brown

In 2007 Kai Brown sold everything he owned and moved from his homeland in Sydney Australia to the U.S. to live out his musical dream. Since then he’s independently released four albums, played with Grammy-winning artists, performed at festivals and concerts throughout the U.S., Canada and Argentina, and written songs that have been licensed by Lionsgate Films and Patagonia. In 2015 Kai was invited to perform along side host of international artists to celebrate the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday in front of 18,000 in Anaheim, CA. Presently he’s back on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and lives between here & Los Angeles where is runs another incredible business called All My Relations as a Designer & Chainstitch Embroidery Artist.



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Meditation Teacher: Rich Muir– The Meditation Spot

Rich has over 13 years of meditation experience and has trained in a variety of techniques. Rich is also currently undergoing a Bachelor Degree in Psychological science, has 3 children (20,17 & 13) and is a director of a small business. 

Via The Meditation Spot, Rich teaches Vedic Meditation in QLD and Northern NSW and also teaches mindfulness meditation practices such as the one you will learn via The Happy Mind Project (both to individuals and corporations).

Web: https://themeditationspot.com.au/
Insta: richmuir.meditation


Meditation Teacher: Carly McDowell – Meditation Base

Carly McDowell is a 20 year veteran of yoga and meditation and mother of two wonderful children (10 & 8). Yoga and meditation became a part of her life as a teenager and never left. With over 12 years of teaching and supporting people with their yoga and meditation journey.

Carly has a wonderful way of assisting her students to navigate the tricky path of meditation, with humour and heart, wisdom and compassion.

Carly also works alongside psychologists assisting people to deal with the effects of difficult relationships and is a catalyst for lasting change.
Via The Meditation Base, Carly teaches Vedic Meditation in Sydney and the Central Coast and also teaches mindfulness meditation practices such as the one you will learn via The Happy Mind Project (both to individuals and corporations).

Web: https://meditationbase.com.au/
Insta: meditationbase


The Enerchi Exchange

Our Himalayan Breath Specialist: Chelsea Mazzini – The Enerchi Exchange

Chelsea’s holistic practices include CHEK Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coach, Himalayan Breathwork, Sattva Yoga, Kundalini and Tantric Kriya, Meditation and Reiki. She specialises in Mental health, movement for longevity, stress management and above all, LOVING YOURSELF.

Chelsea mirrors what she teaches. Everyday she swims in the cool ocean, breathes, meditates and moves. She is always smiling. Involved in many sports at a national level from a young age, and the health industry since 14, Chelsea has a natural disposition for what she does.
FB: The Enerchi Exchange
Insta: theenerchiexchange 

Our Wim Hof Breath Specialist: Dani Smith – Glow For Life

I’m  a massage therapist, functional breathing coach and Wim Hof instructor.
Individual sessions I Look at how stress stores in the body on a physical level in tissues and help a person release them vis massage as well as corrective exercises I also help correct dysfunctional breathing patterns to improve their health and mindset.
Through the Wim Hof method I’m teaching 
People about their nervous system and how they can influence it in a positive way and strengthen their  resilience to stress through cold exposure and breathwork as well as facilitating a reconnection back to self and to nature.

Web: http://www.glowforlife.com.au/
Insta: glowforlifeofficial
FB: glowforlifeofficial/

Our Performance Breath & Respiratory Specialist: James Fletcher (Fletch) Fletcher Techniques

James has spent the last 6 years of his life working with the Australian Institute of Sport, Cirque Du Soleil and Olympic Gold medallists through to every day people to assist them perform better with the simple yet powerful practice of “breath”.

This performance breath training helps with stress, anxiety in daily life and at the highest levels of performance.

“Breathing is controlled automatically by the oldest parts of our brain, just like the beating of our heart. Unlike the heart, we can control our breathing and tap into the oldest parts of our mind using proper breathing techniques and tools to manage today. Because today is different than yesterday…….

Web: https://www.fletchertechniques.com/
Insta: fletchertechniques