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Tom Carroll – From 2 X World Champion surfer to drug addict to meditation teacher!

Tom has lived a big life, with big highs and big lows and arrived at a powerful space of helping others. This was a super fun and inspiring chat. We discussed some pretty deep topics and Tom shared with deep insight, vulnerability and humility about his journey into the depths of drug addiction and his journey out of that into a space of appreciating and living a full, rich and rewarding life. 

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Insta: @thomasvictorcarroll

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Dealing with turbulent times – Chat with Psychologists Angelica & Gabriela Biblio

We were so lucky to have sat and chatted with sisters and psychologists Angelica and Gabriela and discuss a wide range of topics around dealing with turbulent times and what we can do to cultivate positive outlooks.

Some very powerful and simple techniques that anyone can implement into their lives, such as the emotional re-frame tool they recommended.

When faced with uncertainty or challenges its the tools we have at our disposal that can mean the difference between being stuck in a state or just letting the emotions pass by, this chat will give you such tools.

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Luke kennedy

Luke Kennedy – From Drugs, Crime & Street Gangs to Making a Difference

Does our past equal our future? Thankfully no. Luke is a living example of this. Growing up tough… Incredibly tough. A leader of a street fighting gang, involved in drugs and crime and beating the crap out of people. This lifestyle led to being stabbed twice and close to going behind bars.

Luke turned his life around and wrote a book called “The Stabbed Ego” and is now one of Australias most sort after public speakers. From school kids, sports teams to boardrooms, Luke’s message is incredibly inspiring.

Listen to a fun engaging chat he had with Rich and Carly as they discuss his journey, tips to a happy mind and a life well lived.

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Rory Kinsella – How to give up or cut back on alcohol

Rory was a well seasoned party man, in bands playing around England, a music journo, a dj and well just a guy that lived the scene very well. That is until it started to not be as fun as it used to be.

In this chat, we discuss how Rory came to stop drinking and how he now helps others with simple techniques to reduce or stop alcohol.

A short fun chat and well worth watching if you are wanting to cut back or give up alcohol.

Watch the interview here: VIDEO

Insta: rorykinsellameditation

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Lidia Smirnov – Psychotherapist and Specialist Couples’ Therapist

Lidia is a registered Psychotherapist/Relationship Therapist in private practice for close to 9yrs.  Her passion is to help people work through the difficulties and pain in their relationship in order to regain their love and connection with their life partner.

Lidia’s approach is about creating lasting positive change, rather than looking for a quick fix.

On the video discover how to identify the 4 key things that will wreck a relationship and how to overcome them and connect during testing times.

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Sebastian Terry: From 100 things to a catalyst for kindness

Seb has one of those tails that you read about and well, its inspiring. From experiencing life questioning moments at a young age which inspired massive action. In the form of getting out there and not ticking off bucket list items but life lists. Along the way he discovered the beauty of kindness and giving.

Listen to this interview to find out how you can go from stuck to happy with a few simple shifts.

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Insta: @seb100things
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Amber Hawken: Kicking but with love and compassion

Amber is just one of those amazing human beings that has a vital energy that is contagious. And combined with the amazing ingredients of curiosity, humour, love and compassion. Having overcome loads of adversity from a very young age, she managed to keep smiling and growing beyond our limitations and inspire thousands along the way to… Just be you!

In this chat we cover:

How to kick ass in life with a wicked sense of humour, curiosity and a bucket load of authenticity!
How to move out of your own shit and embrace joy and happiness
Move away from states that have held us at bay.
Discover how to let go of the heavy and wounded archetypes.
A powerful 5 step tool to gain greater perspective on our lives and move towards greater outcomes.

And it’s a good laugh as well.

Watch interview here: VIDEO

Connect with Amber:
Insta: @amber_hawken
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James Greenshields: The Resilient Leader

This was a truly special conversation with an amazing human being. James was a former officer in the military, overseeing hundreds of soldiers and experiencing life on the front lines in Iraq. Where a lot of us carry emotional battle scars, James also experienced physical ones when the vehicle he was driving was hit with a roadside bomb.

Navigating his way from the depths of depression and PTSD to being a living example of loving consciousness and inspired leadership. Watch the or listen to the conscious couch chat with James here as he discusses how we can live through hard times and come out with a happy mind.

Watch our chat here: VIDEO

Insta: @jamesgreenshields
Fb: james.greenshields1